Do you like to be a professional academic?

Google Search is the world’s most popular search engine for academics.  In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about Google Search and Advanced Google Search tools from beginning to advanced level. Also, you will learn how to use Google Scholar, Google Patent and Google Books as a professional academic.

This course taught by a professional researcher who has ten years’ experience in using Google for academic purpose.

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Why should I take this course?

  • Save your time
  • Get best results
  • Complete guide
  • Enhance your academic career

What will you learn?

By using Google search, you will learn how to: –

  • Find academic information easier than before
  • Get most accurate search results
  • Use Google operators
  • Do all calculations and unit conversions
  • Use Google Advanced Search techniques
  • Optimise Google setting for better results
  • Find and evaluate any academic literature
  • Get more related results for your academic topic
  • Find all citations and papers for any author
  • Create your Google Scholar account
  • Choose right image for academic purpose
  • Download any open access articles
  • Download any US patent for free
  • Update your academic information regularly
  • And much more

Who can take this course?

This course is for those who are interested in learning Google Search for academic purpose

  • Students
  • Researchers
  • Academic staffs
  • People who want to get scholarships and academic jobs
  • People who work in research fields.
  • People Who want an academic Successful Career
  • Others

What will we offer?

  • Interactive video
  • Unique course
  • Premium support
  • Free Access to update
  • Certificate of achievement
  • Learn at your own pace

Course Curriculum

Google Search
Overview FREE 00:01:00
Difference Between “Google Search” And “I’m Feeling Lucky Button” 00:02:00
Basic Google Searching 00:03:00
Google Search Setting 00:02:00
Basic Operators 00:03:00
Advanced Operators 00:03:00
Advanced Opertors: Applications for Academics 00:03:00
Search Tools 00:00:00
Advanced Google Search 00:03:00
File Formats 00:02:00
Maths and Equations 00:03:00
Unite Conversions 00:04:00
Google Image Search
Basic Image Searching 00:03:00
Advanced Image Search 00:03:00
Search by Image 00:03:00
Choose Right Image for Academic Purpose 00:02:00
Google Video Search
Basic Video Searching 00:02:00
Video Search Tools 00:04:00
Advanced Video Search 00:02:00
Super Notes: Google Search 00:02:00
Google Scholars
Basic Google Scholar Searching 00:04:00
Advanced Google Scholar Search 00:04:00
Refine Search Results 00:03:00
Find Open Access Full-text Access 00:04:00
Find Best Articles for your Literature 00:02:00
Evaluate Search Results 00:03:00
Find More Related Articles 00:02:00
Get Update Your Results 00:03:00
Google Scholar Setting 00:03:00
Create Google Scholar Account 00:04:00
Find All Citations and Papers for An Author 00:02:00
H Index 00:03:00
Super Notes: Google Scholar 00:02:00
Google Patents
Basic Patent Searching 00:03:00
Advanced Google Patent Search 00:04:00
Prior Art Finder 00:04:00
Content Navigation 00:02:00
Super Notes: Google Patents 00:02:00
Google Books
Basic Book Searching 00:03:00
Advanced Book Searching 00:03:00
Book Content Overview 00:03:00
Create your Library 00:01:00
Manage your Library 00:02:00
Super Notes: Google Books 00:02:00
Academic Applications: Google
How to Find the world’s best scholarships 00:04:00
How to Find research funding resources 00:02:00
How to Find your academic job 00:04:00

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