Do you like to be a professional academic presenter?

Do you create an awesome research presentation?


Research presentation is one of the top secrets for academic success.

In this course, you will learn how to create a research presentation using different version of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, 2016, 365.

Then, you will learn to create and edit any academic presentation easily, quickly and professionally. After that, you will learn hidden tip and tricks for an academic presentation. Finally, you will learn how to apply how to use PowerPoint to make a conference poster, seminar presentation and research project presentation.

This course taught by a professional researcher who has ten years’ experience in using Microsoft PowerPoint in academic and research presentation (seminar presentation, research projects,  an and conference poster) over than seven years ‘experience as a researcher in national and international projects.

Why should I take this course?

  • Save your time
  • Become a professional academic presenter
  • Enhance your academic career

What will you learn?

By using Microsoft PowerPoint, you will learn how to: –

  • Create a research presentation.
  • Work with media, graphics, texts and academic data.
  • Develop and deliver your presentation
  • Edit and modify any presentation
  • Learn hidden secrets of academic presentation
  • Create a conference poster
  • Create a project presentation
  • Create a seminar presentation
  • And much more

Who can take this course?

This course is for those who are interested in learning Google Search for academic purpose

  • Students
  • Researchers
  • Academic staffs
  • People who work in research fields.
  • Anyone who interest to learn PowerPoint presentations.

What will we offer?

  • Interactive videos
  • Unique course
  • Premium support
  • Free Access to update
  • Certificate of achievement
  • Learn at your own schedule


Course Curriculum

Microsoft PowerPoint : Overview
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013: Overview 00:03:00
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016: Overview 00:03:00
Microsoft PowerPoint 365: Overview 00:03:00
PowerPoint: WorkSpace Basics
New a Presentation / Template 00:03:00
Save a Presentation 00:02:00
Insert a slide 00:02:00
Arranging Slides 00:02:00
Preparing a Text Slide
Insert a Text 00:03:00
Format a Text 00:03:00
Edit a Text 00:03:00
Format a Paragraph 00:04:00
Insert a WordArt 00:03:00
Preparing a Media Slide
Insert an Audio 00:03:00
Edit an Audio 00:04:00
Insert a Video 00:02:00
Edit a Video 00:04:00
Preparing a Data Slide
Create a Table 00:03:00
Format a Table 00:04:00
Create a Chart 00:03:00
Format a Chart 00:03:00
Preparing a Graphic Slide
Insert an Image 00:00:00
Resize an Image 00:02:00
Crop an Image 00:03:00
Increase Contrast / Brightness 00:03:00
Increase Sharpen/Soften 00:02:00
Select Design Ideas 00:02:00
Insert a Shape 00:02:00
Insert a Smart Shape 00:05:00
Developing a Presentation
Applying Transitions 00:04:00
Transition Options 00:05:00
Applying Animation 00:04:00
Animation Options 00:04:00
Delivering a Presentation
Convert a Presentation to Image / PDF 00:02:00
Print a Presentation 00:03:00
Share a Presentation 00:02:00
Export a Presentation as a Video 00:02:00
Academic Applications: PowerPoint
How to Design a Conference Poster 00:06:00
How to Design a Project Presentation 00:05:00
How to Design a Project Presentation 00:05:00

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