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Until now, Less than 2% scored more than 70% in SKIND challenge.

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SKIND challenge (SKills  Index Challenge) is the world’s first online test to find hidden STEM talents. SKIND test is an online test  to evaluate your skills at anytime and anywhere.

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Evaluate your skills at every time and everywhere and enhance your academic progress.

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Earn a certificate of achievement after passing the test from an accredit UK register learning provider.

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–   The world’s best online skills test to find hidden STEM talents.
–    Enhance your opportunities to get scholarships and academic jobs.
–    Available at anytime and anywhere.
–    Cover all skills required for academic success.
–    Developed by industry experts.
–    Access to updates.
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Academic ٍSKIND Test

Academic skills index is an online tools to measure your academic skills required for getting the best academic jobs and scholarships, and success in your academic life. Academic skills index (ASI) evaluates your skills in academic IT, data analysis, academic writing, and academic English, and numerical reasoning.


Basic Test

Free Test

-10 Questions

- 10 Minutes

- 150 Score

- 3 Categories

– 2 Difficulty levels

– Random Questions & Answers

– Share Results with Social Media

– Monthly Update


Premium Test

£5 Per Test

- 25 Questions

- 20 Minutes

- 150 Score

- 6 Categories

– 4 Difficulty levels

– Random Questions & Answers

– Share Results with Social Media

– Weekly Update

– Get a Certificate

- Premium Support

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