BetaDegree Program

Be a Professional STEM Researcher

The #1 Online Program for Talented STEM Researchers

#1 online program is designed by top industry leaders and researchers to build and enhance professional research and academic skills needed to succeed in your academic and professional life. With real academic applications and projects, you will love this program and achieve your goals to find right academic jobs and fellowships, and right jobs in STEM research fields

Number of Programs:
4 Programs in BetaDgree

Avg.  6 weeks per program
Avg. 5-7 hours per week

Next Start Date:           25/10/2018
Final Deadline:            10/10/2018

Language:        English
Price (USD):  $2000 $997 for the program

Academic Career

Develop your academic career by learning right skills to work more in timeless and go to the next level of skills faster.

STEM Research Fields

Learn powerful skills and techniques to work in STEM Research Fields at top STEM industries.

Academic Applications

Academic Applications is a smart way to learn more with high productivity and efficiency.

Academic Projects

At the end of program, you will enrol in real projects and challenges to track your progress.

STEM Students

STEM Researchers

Research Scientists

What You'll Learn

Academic Information Technology Skills Professional Program

4 Modules, 6 weeks to complete

Search Basics & Online Research Methods, Online Academic Research (web search techniques), Computer and Security Skills,  and Microsoft Office.

Mathematics and Computer Science Professional Program

4 Modules, 6 weeks to complete

Math and Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Quantitative Reasoning;  and Scientific Data Analysis.

Soft and Academic Skills Professional Program

4 Modules, 6 weeks to complete

Study and Academic Skills,  Personal Development, Thinking and Innovation,  and Communication and Teamwork Skills.

Research and Academic Career Development Professional Program

4 Modules, 6 weeks to complete

Scientific Research, Academic English, Academic Writing,  and Laboratory Workforce.

Job Opportunities

1.6 Million Jobs

need STEM talents

$51000 USD

the average salary for research scientists (according to

20 Counrties

Give a long stay visa for scientists

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I enroll?
STEM skills mismatch is most complex. Today, it is difficult to find STEM talents. While there are greater numbers of STEM graduates worldwide than ever before, STEM jobs continue to go unfilled.   STEM skills shortage is growing at incredible rates, the rate of demand talent researchers and scientists is increased every day.  Today, advanced countries compete each other to attract talent researchers and scientists and offer a long stay visa, high salary jobs, scholarships and fellowship and other. But advanced countries and STEM industries don’t need a researcher and a scientist only, but need talented researchers and scientists who are qualified to work and lead innovation in STEM research fields.
So, it is a great opportunity to develop your academic career, enroll today in BetaDegree, the world’s first complete online program for talented STEM researchers and scientists, provides all skills and strategies needed to work in STEM research field (academia and industry) as a professional.

What jobs will this program prepare me for?
This program aims to help people to work

  • Scientific Researchers who work in Sciences and engineering industry
  • Research staff/postdoctoral research staff
  • Assistant and academic-related staff
  • Research scientists in universities / research centres / institutes
  • Postgraduate students who aim to get  scholarships or fellowships

Why is this program different than others in the market?
The BetaDegree program is the world’s first online program for researchers and scents talents, covers academic, research and scientific skills need to succeed in your career and life using real academic applications, and projects.

What are the admission criteria?
This BetaDegree program accepts all applicants who graduate from life science and engineering colleges/ schools and who work in STEM research fields (academia and industry) .

What are the prerequisites for enrollment?
To optimize your success in this program ,  we recommend that you should have the following knowledge:

  • Intermediate or advanced English level
  • Basic Knowledge of IT

Does Skillsuper offer an accredit university degree?

No, BetaDegree is online program a degree provides from the world’s leading eLearning company for scientific, academic and research skills.

How is this BETADEGREE program structured?
The Professional Research Scientist BetaDegree program is comprised of four online diplomas. To graduate from the BetaDegree program, you should complete all diplomas and academic projects of each diploma. Notice, all academic projects will be reviewed by the Skillsuper team. You can resubmit your project until it passes.

How long is this BetaDegree program?
Access to this Betadegree program runs for 1 year from the date noted in the program length section above.

How much does the program cost?
The BetaDegree program consists of four online programs. For a total program cost of USD $995 whether you can save over than $ 2000.

Can I get a refund?
Yes, you are eligible for a refund from the date of purchase until 7 days from the day you receive access to the program.  You are not eligible for a refund after 10 days after the program lunches. To request a refund or help please contact us here:
If you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time:

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